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Wanna Watch a Wombat?

Snowy River Cabins is a real bush stay, and to go with that it's got its real share of some of Australia's most unique wildlife that you well might come across. From Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Red Neck Wallabies, Alpine Blue Tongue Lizards, Platypus, Echidnas and Wombats, or for the birders there's a good chance you will spot one of the worlds largest, and definitely Australia's largest eagle, the Wedge Tail, see the Sacred Kingfisher, or its bigger brother the Kookaburra, Cockatoos of all kinds, owls and Tawny Frogmouths, parrots and wrens and a whole host of other beautiful fauna.

So what's the best way to give yourself the greatest chance at spotting some of these guys?

The local Kangaroos and Wallabies often hang around near the cabins so they are easily spotted and often with a baby on board, the little guys are super cute when they poke their heads out.

Blue Tongues and Echidna's are out and about mostly in the warmer months which around here is November to April. If you want to see a platypus its all about patience and being quiet. They are mostly active around dawn and dusk. They are a shy creature but give it a little while of sitting by the river and they will normally pop up - see us and we'll let you know the best spots to try.

Wombats are nocturnal and will come out from dusk to dawn, if you arrive at night you will often see one of our resident wombats, Robert, who hangs around the start of our driveway near the water most evenings. Wombats will often happily let you watch them from a distance, 10-15m or so, get too close though and they will be off down their burrow in no time.

The best bet is to pack a good torch or headlamp, some warm clothes as even summer nights can get cool, good walking shoes, hat, sunscreen and insect repellant and we recommend long pants year round to protect your legs. If you have a camelback that is perfect or bring a water bottle and back pack. Don't forget a camera or your phone for photos and when you get here come and see us for tips on the best walks, day and night. You need to watch your step at night, its a natural bush setting and a rolled ankle can really put a dampener on the stay!

So who wants to see some critters?

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