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River Adventures

With almost 2km of Snowy River frontage it really is the heart and soul of our property. 12km up stream is the Jindabyne Dam, built during the original Snowy Hydro project, where the water is released before meandering its way through the Jindabyne gorge to reach us. The rock and sand in the gorge filter the water and what we end up with is a crystal clear river that is warmed by the rocks in the gorge all summer long - absolutely divine.

Secret swimming spots

While we have an amazing swimming spot with beach and picnic area, easily accessed right near our sauna, and perfect for little ones to play supervised in the shallows, there are so many other little hidden spots to swim in the river where you feel you're the only ones in the world, and the only thing that will disturb you might be some of the local wildlife

Spot our resident Platypus

Speaking of wildlife, you can't go past an encounter with these amazing critters. We are so lucky to have an abundance of Platypus in the river, often spotted early morning and late afternoon as they play at the surface of the water. They are a unique semiaquatic egg laying mammal and the males have a venemous barb on their back legs. This guy in the photo was a juvenile who wandered into our house yard. A quick check over to make sure he hadn't been hurt by any predators and it was back to the river for him.

Get out for a paddle

There's so much to see on the water that you just miss from the bank, whether that's trout swimming below you, a rare short finned eel sighting, incredible birdlife, or just the calming experience of floating along in pure peace. Hitting the water in a canoe, kayak or SUP is extra special. We have 4 canoes available for guest use along with life jackets and all the info and advice you need to enjoy the experience

Cast a line

The Snowy River is home to a population of trout which are re stocked every few years. Take a shot at catching dinner. If you're keen to learn the art of fly fishing we can put you in touch with some great local teachers who can how you all the tricks you need.

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