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Cuddle a camel?

We recently welcomed 3 young camels to the farm.

Jamal, Jasmine and Jacinta, who came to us from a working camel dairy and unfortunately through no ones fault their mums were unable to continue raising them. At 10 months they were old enough to step out on their own and we were only too happy to provide the loving home they needed.

Our camel crew are dromedary camels. The breed originates from the Middle East and Northern Africa, but surprisingly Australia actually has the largest wild population in the world, having been brought in to the country as a work animal that could carry loads and cope with the harsh desert conditions in central Australia. They are a one humped camel and survive in a range of conditions. A common question is how do they cope with the cold? The answer is absolutely fine, as a desert animal they are used to freezing nights and scorching hot days, so they can comfortably live in our region.

They are a member of the camelid family, and close cousins of our Alpacas as well as llamas (we don't have any of those ...yet). Camels however do not need to be shorn and they naturally shed their winter fur down to a nice sleek summer coat. You can see in the photo above how Jamal has a bare neck but also some pretty shaggy fur - not his best look :).

Currently they are around 1.5m tall at the hump but they will get over 2m tall and around 600kg! They don't reach breeding age until 3-5 years and continue to grow for around 8 years so they are in no rush.

Jamal absolutely loves (LOVES) patting and cuddles, the girls are still a bit standoffish but are coming round to us. They are an amazing creature to get up close to.

We welcome guests to book in during their stay to meet any and all of our animals, so have you ever wanted to cuddle a camel?

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