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Holiday with the fur kids

There’s nothing quite like bringing the whole family on holiday, furkids included! Snowy River Cabins is a pet friendly destination and honestly I think that the dogs that come and stay often have a better time than everyone else!

We love our animals, the pretzel to the left is Echo who is sure to greet you on arrival. So yes, dogs are definitely welcome at the cabins, just let us know they are coming at the time of booking, there's a small $25 fee (at the time of writing). Dogs do of course need to be controlled at all times, and they often react unexpectedly around farm animals or kangaroos which they may never have seen before.

We've been pet friendly for a long time but there’s always been one problem, the National Park which is a huge local attraction year round doesn’t allow dogs, so it’s always been that little bit tough for our guests as to how to juggle bringing the best mate and being able to explore the National Park or head out for a nice dinner or any of those other options where dogs can’t ride along. Unfortunately this has meant a lot of dogs haven't been able to come along, so we thought lets fix it.

To make Snowy River Cabins an even better experience, Brendan dusted off his fabrication skills and built a bank of 5 secure day kennels that guests can now book. Each kennel is 2 x 3m and has an enclosed area with a trampoline bed and water trough which means they will never run out of water and can’t knock their bowl over. With sand covered mesh flooring, its a natural ground for them that the 'wanna be a wombat' dogs can't dig out of.

The kennels are available via booking, 7am-9pm for $20 per day. We recommend you bring your mates favourite toys to keep them entertained while they chill out in their own little luxe accommodation option.

Looking forward to meeting you and your fur buddies!

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